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My name is Damaris Hardy, the founder of The Stardust Realm & The 5D mindset Circle. I am a 5D mindset coach & Multidimensional healer for Starseeds, lightworkers, intuitives empaths & healers. Who are ready to embody their 5D selves and soul mission like a BADASS!

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Hi Magickal Star being My name is Damaris Hardy, Founder of The Stardust Realm and The 5D Mindset Circle. I work as a 5D-Mindset Coach and Multidimensional healer, for Starseeds, Healers, Lightworkers, Intuitives & Empaths who are ready to embody their 5D selves and soul mission like a BADASS!


Energy update 10-1-19/13-1-19

Massive awakenings are happening right now. Higher perspectives are growing and emerging from the ashes like a phoenix rising. It's time to add these higher energies to your daily awareness because they are going to help you through big quantum leaps next week. It is wise to listen to your body ... READ the POST

Energy update December 24/31 | The Wrap up

So you guy’s this is my last energy update for this year! And oh what a year, this year was a big lesson, a lesson to finally break through deep-rooted wounds. A lesson to finally break the patterns that really kept you from blooming into the divine being you are. A lesson to step up, and show up ... READ the POST

How to| Zelfdestructieve Vibes loslaten

Deze maand staat in het teken van, integreren en belichamen van de nieuwe jij. Zowel op 3D level als op 5D level. Één ding die dit kan boycotten is zelfdestructief gedrag. Het feit dat er veel stukken helder zijn geworden voor jou op diepere lagen betekent niet dat dit makkelijk te integreren en ... READ the POST